ArchDaily Building of the Year | Our V4 favorites

ArchDaily Building of the Year | Our V4 favorites

ArchDaily announced the Building of the Year Award competition for the 11th time this year, for which thousands of architecture projects are nominated every year. This year is no different: almost 4000 nominations were submitted for the 15 categories. In our subjective selection, we picked out our favorites from the projects submitted by V4 countries for the interior design category.

Apartment O | Studio Nomad (Hungary)

The architects of Studio Nomad transformed a flat in a classical building in downtown Budapest into a modern home. By removing the space divisions they made the rooms more spacious, while they generously let the marks of past decades remain on the walls.

Photo: Studio Nomad / ArchDaily

Mlynica Loft Apartment | Juraj Hubinský + Kuklica x Smerek Architekti (Slovakia)

This loft apartment in Bratislava could seem rigid at the first glance, but the masses of raw concrete are balanced everywhere. The designers added further level differences at several spots to the 73 square meter two-story apartment, and they also ensured the playful interaction of materials and surfaces.

Photo: Lousy Auber / ArchDaily

Apartment V | Architres Studio (Hungary)

One of the criteria for the downtown apartment intended to be rented out both for long and the short term was for it to be able to host 2+2 people. However, the designers didn’t want to divide the floorspace of 40 square meters into two, and opted for the undivided space separation, and so they divided the space into two horizontally.

Photo: Gergo Gosztom / ArchDaily

Baugruppe House | No Architects (the Czech Republic)

The three families with little children asked the designers of No Architects for help after they purchased an old 3-story condominium in Prague together. Their aim was for every family to have their own floor. The interior matches the original style of the house elegantly, but it does not lack practical and contemporary solutions either.

Photo: Studio Flusser / ArchDaily

Translucent spaces | batlab architects

In the case of a 30 square meter studio flat, everything is about maximum space utilization. The architects of batlabalso kept this aspect in their mind. They indicated the division of spaces, where necessary, with translucent curtains, which are also suitable for softening the puritan combo of white walls and concrete floors.

Photo: Norbert Juhász / ArchDaily

ING Tech Offices Poland | mode:lina architekci (Poland)

When designing the offices planned for the IT department of ING Group, the architect firm appointed aimed to maintain “the positive vibe”. They did not divide the 1300 square meter area, but neither did they commit to the open office layout. They created a modular space consisting of 10-12 units, where it is possible to hold meetings, do brainstorming and also focus on one’s work.

Photo: Patryk Lewiński / ArchDaily

The audience can vote for the nominated projects until February 10 in the first round. Then 5 nominees of each category are shortlisted, and the audience can vote on the shortlisted nominees in the second round. The winners will be announced on February 17.

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