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20th-century Polish aesthetics come to life at the Bocuse d’Or

A designer who is not afraid of new challenges—that’s how Klaudia Kasprzak describes herself, someone who has acquired such a diverse approach during her studies in Poland and Finland that her work includes forest-inspired minimalist jewelry, a combinable birthday table and baby furniture. This time, she has put her creativity to good use at an event no less prestigious than the world-famous Bocuse d’Or.

Klaudia Kasprzak has designed an amber-copper platter for one of the world’s most prestigious culinary competitions at the request of Jakub Kasprzak, the chef who is competing in Polish colors, because Bocuse d’Or is not only about the excellence of the food and the diligence and expertise of the chefs, but also about the visual elements and the way food is served. A crucial element of the competition is the presentation of meat dishes on a specially designed plate, the parameters of which are strictly defined in the rules of the competition. For example, the total weight must not exceed 20 kilos, the diameter must be 90 centimeters and the height must not exceed 30 centimeters. This has been taken into account in the design of this world-class plate, which can hold 14 tasters.

Searching for a suitable topic is an inevitable part of the design process. This time, the choice fell on the Polish aesthetics of the 1920s and 1930s, more specifically on the work of the Polish industrial designer Julia Keilowa. The design is characterized by simplicity, lightness and reliance on basic geometric shapes, while the essence of Polish culture is also reflected in the form of beetroot pearls and delicate lace, which evoke the playfulness of national motifs.

“This year, we included amber, which is considered the Polish national gold, into the concept. It became for me the main motif of a platter, this beautiful, albeit very refined copper. Other elements were painted in a beautiful pearl white; everything has been combined to create a sophisticated background to showcase the dishes,” Klaudia told the Polish Design alive magazine.

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Source: Design alive

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