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3 design brands from Prague that inspire us

Lovely characters and soul-warming solutions. These three brands from Prague will certainly bring a cheerful atmosphere to your home. Let us introduce you to In August Company, Pauline Hagan and the different objects of Lappa Studio!

In August Company

In August Company is a place where playfulness, fun and a love of objects are manifested. The brand’s owners, Karolína Stryková and Teodorik Menšl, are both creative professionals. Karolina studied graphic design, bookbinding, illustration and typography, which she combines in her work. Teodorik graduated as a photographer and turned to website design. The joint brand first started as a project combining their two passions—drawing and photography.

“We’re both design enthusiasts and avid collectors, so it wasn’t long after we started living together that it became clear that our shared passions would lead us to some fun places. In August Company is not just a brand; it’s a way of life. It means “being in good company”… both with things and with people. We firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects can only bring good things. We design small lines of products that brighten up everyday life, put a smile on people’s faces and make you feel at home wherever you are,” Karolina and Teodorik said.

Human-faced ceramic mugs and vases are the hallmarks of the brand, along with colorful posters, printed household textiles, T-shirts and bags.

Pauline Hagan

Pauline Hagan is a self-taught British-French designer based in Prague, who works with clay, silver and brass. She makes all her ceramic pieces, silver jewelry and kinetic brass sculptures herself. Her latter project is called Oscille, and her jewelry and ceramics brand was previously known as Benu Made, but she has recently started a new brand under his own name.

Pauline usually creates intuitively, with little sketching and no planning. She lets the process itself determine what the objects will become. AUBE’s collection marks the dawn of a new beginning, fueled by last year’s lockdown: her first collection under her own name, her first ceramic work and her first sterling silver jewelry series. She is particularly excited by negative space, focusing not on the object itself, but on the space around it as it is given new life within its own boundaries. The abstract pieces are deliberately open to interpretation, subtly encouraging the viewer to associate and think about the object.

Lappa studio

Lappa was founded in 2018 by designers Lenka Preussova and Anna Leschinger, who last year won the Czech Grand Design Award for Inventor of the Year. The Prague-based studio focuses on the relationship between textiles and acoustic design. Their mission is to make the interiors we work and live in softer and more pleasant. The lack of acoustic comfort is a very common problem in contemporary interiors, as one of the typical causes of unpleasant echoes is the large and flat surfaces currently very popular in interior design. Lenka and Anna, therefore, try to explore how textile design can help to overcome this problem so that we can concentrate, relax and understand each other better.

Their aesthetic sound attenuation panels have a positive impact on the human psyche, while also being visually stimulating. In the latest collection, the pastel-colored panels are combined with LED lights that generate mood lighting as well as noise cancellation. The user-friendly design allows you to adjust the intensity or pulsation of the light.

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