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3D printed wonders from the Czech Republic | Boem Studio

The Czech Boem studio approaches design in an unusual way. It is not intended to follow trends, but is happy to combine tradition with contemporary solutions. Each project is the result of a strategic process that results in significant and adaptive design solutions. 

Their products clearly reflect the brand’s creed. Using the tool of modern 3D printing, they form a bridge between the old and the new, offering timeless design and environmentally conscious solutions. It is also part of their philosophy that by purchasing pieces from the collections, they can be printed over and over again on any 3D printer as you like or just as needed.

With its products, the company allows our home to become truly unique and practical without literally buying new home decoration products. Thanks to the technology used, our new, tailor-made objects can be made from the “ashes” of the old ones, tailored to individual needs.

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