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A café built of containers in the most dynamically developing district of Prague

Located in the heart of the seventh district, Holešovice of Prague, on Orten Square, this special café made of recycled shipping containers can be easily dismantled at any time and moved to another part of the city thanks to its mobile design.

The designers of the Collarch studio wanted to create a building that would function well as a catering unit and that would fit perfectly into the modern yet industrial environment of Holešovice. The dark, rough surfaces on the outside, as well as the metal sheets often used in the interiors, evoke the world of factory buildings popping up in the district. The restrained color palette is broken only by the bright red and turquoise shades of the restrooms, thus contrasting with the simple, refined style of the industrial materials.

The café is based on two sea shipping containers, which run parallel to a busy road, but the grandiose glass façade faces a park. This practical placement allows the building to create a kind of noise barrier between the roar of the street and the silence of nature. The third container, which forms the upper level, is slanted on top of the two lower steel boxes. Although the layout may seem random, the rotation creates a special terrace where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the canopies of the trees by settling on minimalist furniture that matches the furnishings of the interiors.

Photos: Peter Fabo, Karolína Matusková

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