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A café in Kyiv featuring unconventional and sincere pixel images

The interior design of the DOT coffee station is a reflection of vibrant, modern urban life. With the mosaics of astounding pixel artwork and the unique interior atmosphere, the place aims to energize customers not only with the caffeine content of its coffee but with the overall visual effect.

It is located in the bustling city center of Kyiv, where different dimensions of local life intersect. Both tourists and ordinary people on their way to nearby office buildings, Kyiv’s largest market, or the Museum of Modern Art, pass through here. The café’s owners want to appeal to this eclectic crowd. The YOD Group, responsible for the interior design, therefore imagined each guest as an element of Kyiv’s exciting puzzle, a pixel in a pixel.

The transparent façade makes the coffee station an integral part of the city, letting in the energy of the street. The staircase and part of the wall surface are covered with white mosaic tiles, featuring pixel artwork. “We deliberately didn’t want to convey any hidden message through a central image. We wanted to create something unusual, sincere and universal, something that the average city dweller experiences several times a day. We wanted to evoke feelings that would startle and unsettle the visitor, like a strong slap in the face after which you need a coffee to keep going full steam ahead,” says Gyimtro Boneszko, art director of YOD Group, about the image, which depicts a foot and a face.

The exposed brick walls emphasize the value of the 1900s building, while the bar and benches are made from the beams of an old barn. The timeless material tells its own story and is contrasted with the cold stainless steel furniture. Another accentuating interior element is the narrow screen strip with scrolling text that runs along the wall and floor next to the counter. “This strip creates the dynamics and sets the rhythm. It’s like the adrenaline rushing through your bloodstream after a double espresso,” says YOD Group.

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Photos: Andrej Bezuhlov

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