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A chocolate-like pattern adorns the floor tiles of this cozy Polish patisserie

Although the new wave of gastronomy revolution has influenced our habits of sweets consumption, the classic confectionery shops selling delicious cakes, delicate pastries, and all kinds of desserts never go out of fashion. It’s true that there’s a lot of competition in this field too; besides the modern shops selling free-from goodies, every now and then we like to enjoy a patisserie dedicated to old traditions and customs, where the walls are lined with decades of history.

The owners of the long-established Jaworscy Confectionery in Wrocław, Poland, sought to recreate exactly this kind of intimate atmosphere in their latest shop, thus they entrusted Klaudia Utracik-Paduszyńska and Paulina Sobczyk of Studio Klu with the interior design. As the shop is located next to Wyspa Słodowa—or Słodowa Island—a popular youth hangout, the interior designers envisioned a look that is simple and clean, yet fresh and contemporary.  

Photos: Mandula Studio

Entering the shop, you see a long row of glass counters, made easier to see through by overhead LED lighting. The walls are adorned with curved shelves made of shaped steel profiles instead of the usual flat planes. The vibrant red color of the shop fronts is well matched by the graphite grey openwork ceiling, with its roller-like elements enclosed in rectangular frames. The floor’s distinctive tiles with their chocolate-like pattern harmonize nicely with the small details of the restaurant. As one of the aims of creating a unique identity is to enhance the on-site dining experience, the designers have chosen furniture that is both comfortable and aesthetic, and that fits in with the sophisticated style of the interior of this exceptional patisserie.

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Source: Label Magazine

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