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A Czech design firm that has set a course for gastronomy

The Space of Space furniture brand has now left its impression even inside Prague’s Kro Coffee—what’s more, the Astro tray set created especially for the café will be included in the brand’s permanent selection.

Space of Space, this family business of one and a half years has already popped up on our radar, due to their unique way of redefining metal: by powder coating the surfaces, they create metal furniture with a haptically pleasing quality. 

The same method has been used during the creation of Kro Coffee’s Astro collection, which was designed in green color, and with a minimalistic style to mirror the café’s interior. For these multi-functional, stackable trays practicality was a key design principle, the reason why the light-weight and durable aluminum was chosen as the base material, further reinforced by the powder coating. What’s more, the coating also stops items on the tray from sliding around, and the higher side edges ensure safety during caring.

Following their successful collaboration, the designers have decided to include the trays in their permanent selection. The design has been slightly modified, the selection broadened by three additional sizes and to five color options (green, cream white, light grey, black and red) so the trays can now be used in endless ways in anyone’s home.

The result speaks for itself: these playful and handsome trays take up little space, and like any Space of Space product, thanks to their repairability last for generations, while they are also recyclable.

Photos: Adriana Fialová

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