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A Czech startup would revolutionize home gardening: here is Plantee!

Bonsai, roses, orchids, chili peppers, baby carrots, or even insect-eating plants: a Czech innovation makes it easy to grow them all in your own home. For those who don’t have access to large gardens or advanced electric growers, Plantee can change the way they think about indoor gardening forever. The limited edition of the device is now available for purchase on the Plantee Kickstarter page!

“The most technologically advanced indoor greenhouse ever made,” as Plantee’s introduction goes. The project’s creators are Valery Mezencev and Ondra Zbytek, who decided in 2019 to invent a new way of growing plants indoors. “I always liked to experiment with different conditions for my plants, but when I got one thing right, the rest just backfired. I figured I couldn’t be the only one struggling with this, but there seemed to be no product on the market that offered a comprehensive solution for controlling and maintaining the optimal environment for growing plants,” Ondra said. “So, as an electrical engineer and entrepreneur, I decided to change that and invent a solution that means you never have to fight for a single home plant again. That solution is Plantee,” he added.

The device developed by Valery and Ondra provides a unique way to control light, including its time cycle and intensity, as well as irrigation, soil moisture, air temperature, airflow and much more: for example, you can even create online profiles for your plants. The indoor greenhouse has a built-in display that offers step-by-step growing instructions and real-time data monitoring.

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