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A drink above the city | TOP 5

How does it feel to get a glimpse into the life of a lively, vibrant, colorful big city, to watch the traffic of a rushing city, or just the serenity of a crystal clear sky? Our selection today, if not up close, makes it possible. We have collected the most special rooftop bars in Eastern Europe. Don’t miss them when visiting!

Eol Rooftop Bar | Croatia

The Eol Rooftop Bar in Omiš promises no less than perhaps one of the most beautiful views in Croatia. A perfect place to relax with an ice cold cocktail at the end of a hot summer day. In addition to fine drinks, we have a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea and the historic town of Omiš.

11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar | Ukraine

You will have a unique experience and comfort when visiting the bar on the eleventh floor of the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel in Kyiv. A real jewelry box can be found here in the historic center of the city. 

Mama Shelter Belgrade | Serbia

In addition to major cities around the world such as Los Angeles, London or Paris, we also find one of the bars of Mama Shelter in Belgrade. The emerging Balkan city has been enriched with a really cozy attic space thanks to the network. It is worth visiting this place if you are in the Serbian capital.

Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge | Czech Republic

Urban chic and elegance permeate one of Prague’s most beautiful rooftop bars. In addition to the outdoor terrace of the Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge, which seats up to 70 people, a huge glass-enclosed interior awaits those wishing to relax and have fun on top of the Hilton Hotel in Prague.

Leo Rooftop Bar | Hungary

Leo Rooftop Bistro and Bar, open all year round, is gently wedged into the city fabric of Budapest, at the Buda foot of the Chain Bridge. It can catch the eye of those walking on the banks of the Danube or on the tram easily, as the elegant rooftop bar is located at the top of the imposing Hotel Clark. Sipping cocktail specialties made in the spirit of environmental awareness and sustainability, we can really feel: whole Budapest is ours!

Eol Rooftop Bar | Facebook | Instagram
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Leo Rooftop Bar | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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