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A fashion brand about the Georgian way of life

Daring, contemporary, and timeless—these are the words that the founder uses to describe LIYA, the Georgian fashion and beauty brand, which is present in the international market, as well. Instead of stereotypes, the brand is trying to express a kind of positively chaotic national vibe. 

Liya Goglidze studied fashion in Vienna and Italy and moved back to her hometown, Tbilisi, Georgia. Fashion was rising here, and the city was full of creative energies, so she started her own brand. Together with her cousin and business partner Anna, they first worked on kid’s wear but then quite soon extended and developed into womenswear. In 2017, contemporary womenswear brand LIYA was born, and their debut collection caught the attention of the international press and buyers.

“All LIYA products are created in our atelier and workshop. All fabrics and materials are handpicked and handmade with particular attention to detail. The life of a brand in Tbilisi is hectic, often struggling and challenging, but full of inspiration, motivation and everlasting creativity that comes from the city itself,” Liya claims. These days, she has a quote from Willy Brandt on her mind, which says “Peace is not everything, but everything is nothing without peace.” “This has a great significance today. This is what I’m looking for, now and later. The only thing that matters above all,” she pointed out.

Her latest, Fall/Winter 23 collection was inspired by post-pandemic life. “The pandemic and our ‘new, normal life,’ as we like to call it, changed the way we think of many things. For me, one of these things is the perception of time and space; it seems to me that time, like the changing seasons, melted into a unity that moves quickly, yet slowly. For this reason, summer vibes flow into autumn ones. There are colors, but not too many, and though it’s a dynamic collection, it never leaves the ground. Every new collection is a new beginning, and this one feels like a warm breeze in the sunlit woods and the blue sky, that always moves forward.”

Since then, womenswear has expanded to include jewelry, footwear and beauty products, and exciting collaborations are frequent. For example, they have teamed up with KÁSHKASH, also from Georgia, to create the first make-up line designed and manufactured entirely in Georgia. The collaboration has resulted in make-up products that use organic ingredients and are designed to enhance natural beauty.

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