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A futuristic electric off-road concept from Mercedes

The EQG concept was unveiled at the Munich Motor Show, combining the look of the G-Class with the forward-looking visuality of the Mercedes EQ.

The car is characterized by illuminated stripes, highlighting its robust appearance. Due to the pulling power of its electric all-wheel drive and its low center of gravity, the concept EQG can perform well on steep slopes and deep terrain.

Instead of the usual spare wheel cover, they put a lockable illuminated box on the rear door. Another feature of the exterior design is the high-gloss black flat roof rack, where the central element of its minimalist design is the centrally shaped ‘G’, which is visible in the top view.

The white LED strip integrated into the front edge of the roof rack is a modern interpretation of the searchlight essential for a demanding off-road adventure. As part of the play with light, another red LED strip closes the rear end of the roof rack.

Source: Designboom

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