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A holistic wellness space with a new approach

User-centered health spaces can take many different forms: some designers rely on solutions based on vibrant colors and lights, while others rely on natural aesthetics. The new space of the MPP Cellularium Institute of Natural Medicine in Prague was created at the intersection of these two approaches, the interior design of which was the responsibility of the Czech Formafatal studio.

An extraordinary space, without flat walls, vertically interwoven with inclined load-bearing columns: this floor plan was the starting point for Formafatal studio when designing the interior of the Institute of Natural Medicine in Prague.

In the entrance hall of MPP Cellularium, there is a reception and a circular cell; the latter also serves as a doctor’s office and a waiting room. The main part of the room is occupied by the SPA with separate changing rooms, which is the venue for accompanying treatments such as the Finnish sauna, cryosanua and air therapy.

In the course of the design, Formafatal emphasized the soft form of the walls with simple, yet creative claddings. The outer wall of the office is covered by vertically divided steel sheets, which are transformed into a smooth surface with built-in doors. The vertical division reflects on the exterior façade of the MPP building designed by the architects of DAM. This organizing principle continues in the SPA area: all three main rooms are covered with transparent glass rods. The shades of the gradient also foreshadow the different functions of the space: red is the symbol of the sauna (fire), blue is the symbol of the cryosauna (ice) and grey is the symbol of the air therapy (wind).

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