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A lamp turning your mood into colorful lighting

Mix a mood light and the 90s’ popular mood rings, spice it up with the utopian vibes of Big Data / Internet of Things and you’ve got CODE studio’s ‘Emotional Collector’, a prototype lamp reflecting its user’s feelings in a colorful display of lights.

The concept is based on the real-time data that the lamp collects both actively and passively about its owner, connecting to the user’s smartwatch or phone app, reading facial expressions, heart rate, and even emoji used while texting. The data is then visualized on a lamp evocative of a crystal ball, displaying an emotional average with an array of colors and color gradients. According to its Thai designers, the lamp can function as a mirror, helping its user’s self-reflection and soul-search. Yet the question arises whether someone else will also have access to all this collected data, and if so, what will they do with it.

Source: Designmilk

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