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A mausoleum was built for the martyrs of Polish villages in Michniów

On July 12, 2021, on the 78th anniversary of the martyrdom of Polish villages, the architectural studio Nizio Design International officially opened the monument, which was built to commemorate the pacification operations that took place in Polish villages during World War II.

The monument is reminiscent of a series of small rural houses from the outside, north and south directions, which is a strong symbol, as the appearance and interior of the mausoleum, as well as the permanent exhibition, were strongly inspired by historical events and the shocking effects of the massacre. The first part of the building is still an intact house opposite all the ones that follow, which are gradually more and more damaged. The stable concrete structure is divided by fractures and cuts.

The light travels through the gaps between the segments inside the building, painting the area of the permanent exhibition, which is located in the closed and open parts of the building, depending on the time of day and the season.

Photos: Marcin Czechowicz 

Source: ArchDaily

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