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A meditative hiding place: Elysium Spa, Bratislava

Elysium Spa in Bratislava provides relaxation and tranquility: the wooden furniture, the tiles and the relaxation rooms offer different space experience and impulses. The urban bath was designed by the team of Slovak Grau Architects. Let’s see!

In Greek mythology, Elysium is a conception of the afterlife, where those favored by the gods were placed. It’s often referred to as the “Isles of the Blessed,” as its residents could live without pain or problems, happily ever after. In Antiquity, it was believed that the Elysian Fields were located on the western edge of the Earth. It is no coincidence that the bath in downtown Bratislava was named after Elysium, as when designing its interior, the Grau Architects team was driven by the need to escape from the daily routine and find a state of calm. In fact, the space envisioned is a meditative retreat from the outside world: a “temple for the body,” as the architects describe it.

We can approach the Elysium Spa from Grösslingova Street, via a hidden entrance and a stone staircase that lead to the cellar of the historic building hosting the bath. In the creation of the new space, the architects preserved the original brick ceiling of the former cellar. In addition to brick, there are also combinations of terrazzo, cobalt and black cladding or wood materials. Light pours in through existing window openings and skylights, and the spa is completed by an outdoor terrace with a mobile sauna and sun loungers.

Photos: Matej Hakár

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Source: Archdaily

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