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A mixed bag of towers in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The cultural and architectural diversity of Eastern Europe is tangible: buildings of many styles and ages alternate and complement each other on this field. Perfect examples of this are the towers of the region, which not only differ in terms of their function, but also show great variety in appearance.

UFO | Bratislava, Slovakia

One of the important sights of Bratislava is the UFO Observation Deck, which got its name from its particularly strange plate. From the tower, a breathtaking panorama unfolds before the eyes of visitors. The UFO is not just a simple lookout tower: it is also home to one of the city’s most upscale restaurants.

Vinarium Lendava | Lendava, Slovenia

Slovenia is deservedly famous for its wine regions, which always hold small surprises: Lendava Mountain is home to fantastic vineyards as well as the Vinarium Lendava. From the observation tower, we can see four countries at once: almost all of the region, as Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria can easily be seen from above.

Snail Tower | Tartu, Estonia

The Estonian Snail Tower is an unusual skyscraper: the twenty-three-story building of apartments and offices also has spiritual content. The spiral structure on the roof, according to the project’s creators, symbolizes eternity.

Porer Lighthouse | Istria, Croatia

The Porer Lighthouse was built two centuries ago on a limestone cliff about two kilometers from the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula. For those who love peace and quiet, the good news is that two apartments have been built under the lighthouse.

Avala Tower | Belgrade, Serbia

The brutalist Avala Tower is one of the most significant symbols of Belgrade: it was bombed and destroyed during the Kosovo War, but was rebuilt with great collaboration in the 2000s and can still be visited to this day.

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Source: The Calvert Journal, Lighthouses Croatia, Avalski Toranj

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