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A mixture of Japanese minimalism and street food: introducing CUDO

After Poznań, CUDO vegan sushi restaurant opened its doors in Wrocław too. The aesthetics of the new location were inspired by Japanese minimalism, the atmosphere of street food bars, and the restaurant’s colorful sushi rolls. The orange-infused interior was designed by polish designer Ewa Dulcet. Let’s see!

The dining space is divided into 3 main zones: the first and most peaceful is a separated space furnished with a large, round table, intended for communal dining. The second area is located alongside the counter with a direct view of the open kitchen and bar, and the third is along the longest wall of the room, lined with tables for two and four.

The color orange dominates the space, and defines the atmosphere: it is reflected in different materials, textures, and shades. Another striking feature of the interior is the play on the circular shape, also expressed in the curved chairs, and the details of the tapestry and the communal table. The restaurant’s atmosphere is further enhanced by objects made by various Polish designers, like the Luzyce glass lamps decorating the rooms, the neon sign above the bar by the Poznań-based Neonist, or the colorful tableware by the Romanczuki ceramics studio.

Photos: MIGDAŁ Studio

Source: Label

Ewa Dulcet | Instagram
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