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A pleasure to write, a pleasure to read | Favorite articles from the Hype&Hyper team—Part 3

A good topic is essential for good writing, but it also requires a lot of research, creativity, determination, and, of course, teamwork. After all, you need to find that exciting topic, often need to “hunt down” interview subjects, you need beautiful photos, creative and unique illustrations, and so many other things that make up the whole. Members of the Hype&Hyper team now tell us which articles were the most memorable to create this year!

A story waiting to be told—Majuli

Captivating—I think that’s what best describes the article published in the Hype&Hyper columns in mid-December and the story behind it. Because when you read the article, you are really captivated, drawn in by the wonder of the island of Majuli, where people live day by day without even knowing for sure if there will be an island under their feet the next day. The island is sinking, and people are adapting happily instead of grieving their fate. The protagonist of the article, photographer András Zoltai, created something really unique. He settled among the people of a distant culture, rejoicing with them, mourning with them in their daily lives. The artist’s philosophy of life, the amazing photographs, exude something truly special serenity for the reader. It’s like saying, don’t worry, everything will be fine. In the end, everything will be fine anyway.

Flóra Jámbor, translator

Spirituality and teamwork behind Leo Bistro’s new cocktails

There are many nice sides to writing, but it is undoubtedly one of the highlights when it comes to “having to” taste beautiful, delicious and exciting cocktails because of an article. I really like it when there is a well-thought-out concept behind a project and in the case of Leo Bistro’s signature cocktails, everything from the drink menu through the photos to the last ingredient is perfectly tuned.

Réka Kovács-Vass, copy editor

Scent and music speak the same language—Filippo Sorcinelli, the Pope’s tailor, visited Budapest

I have always been fascinated by Italy’s architecture, music and art: and Italian culture seems to be concentrated here while becoming a multisensory experience. The latest fragrance from the perfumer, also known as the Pope’s tailor, was on display at 7scents perfumery, next to the Károlyi Garden. For a short time, the shop took on Filippo’s distinctive world: we could smell the sometimes disturbing and astonishing perfumes, accompanied by organ music, between walls covered in black foil—there was something out of this worldly, yet completely natural about the whole thing. This year, I was most impressed by interviews outside my comfort zone: talking to Filippo Sorcinelli was exactly like that, where he discussed sacred art and religion, among other things, in the most direct way. And the article is illustrated with analogue photographs by Dani Gaál, which capture the atmosphere of the event very expressively.

Réka Vikárius, editor

“Add nothing and take away nothing” | Grand Vin de Barnag

In the spring, during relatively strict restrictions, I started working at Hype and we didn’t go into the office, everyone made the materials from home. I was working in the brightest part of our living room, being comfy in my armchair, and I was glad to be able to get to the coolest points in the region, at least virtually, thanks to the Hype articles, and these stories provided the daily experience ammo. Such was the case with Réka’s interview with Bence Szilágyi, which was published in May. That’s when we started transforming Hype’s Instagram stories, I worked a lot on our social media content to make people read our articles and get everyone out of their anxious everyday life a little bit. It was one of the first articles we used redesigned graphics for, and believe me, I read the interview thirty times just to be sure—this year, I’m sure I was most absorbed in and worked the most with this Insta story. I really wanted our followers to feel what I did within the four walls. Did you feel that?

Sári Győri, social media manager

Scent and music speak the same language—Filippo Sorcinelli, the Pope’s tailor, visited Budapest

For me, the debut of Filippo Sorcinelli’s new perfume was my favorite project. It was very exciting to see how such a scent is born. Filippo’s personality added to that, and so did the store where he showed it. He covered everything in his showroom with black foil.

Dániel Gaál, photographer

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