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A sofa with endless possibilities

Endless modularity and timeless design: this minimalist piece of furniture can serve as a pouf or armchair, but can also be transformed into a double or multi-seater sofa. It allows you to create plenty of configurations, both in the office and at home. The Polish noo.ma has expanded its collection with a new piece of furniture. Here’s the Toom!

The design team of Noo.ma, Damian Goliński, Anna Pietkun and Zuza Muszalska, worked on the design of Toom for more than two years. “The main inspiration here was geometry. At the very beginning, we assumed that a single module must be based on a square, so that it would allow building the sofa in all directions, without any restrictions,” said Anna.

The Toom sofa is built on eight universal components that allow you to create an infinite number of combinations: from poufs through the classic two- and three-seater and corner sofas to versatile configurations that fit into large public spaces. In addition, all variations can be freely formed after construction. The name of the piece of furniture is also meant to emphasize its modular usability: the Latin term means “yours”. In other words, there are no restrictions on the design of the composition we want, so the sofa can take the form that best suits our own needs or our ever-changing lifestyle and interior.

“Designing universal products that are not subjected to any trends, and simply lasting forever are the crucial design objectives at noo.ma. The Toom Modular Sofa meets them in the best possible way,” the designers emphasized.

The modern look and minimalist, timeless shape of the sofa easily fits into a variety of spaces, whether home or office and other business spaces. It is also available in four colors: graphite black, pale gray, beige and yellow ochre. The durable steel frame gives a refined elegance to the furniture.

Like other products from noo.ma, the Toom sofa is made in factories in Poland. Following the basic values of the brand, no tools are required to assemble the sofa, and it is delivered to the customer in sheet-mounted form, in plastic-free packaging. The user guide is available as an animation after scanning a QR code.

“We had very specific expectations about this piece. We wanted Toom to be an answer to those needs that haven’t been met by any sofas available on the market. Both visually and technologically—so that the number of configurations be unlimited, the assembly super easy, and the shipment,” they added.

Noo.ma doesn’t stop here, as it only wants to expand its repertoire with fifty new products this year, including a TV stand, an elegant dining table, a lamp and a comfortable armchair.

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