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A thousand-year-old Italian castle turned into a hotel

A 10th-century castle in the Umbrian hills has been restored and transformed into a hotel by Count Benedikt Bolza and his family, whose roots lead back to Hungary.

Hotel Castello di Reschio has been welcoming guests since the spring of 2021 in the thirty-six suites of the historic castle. The hotel is set on the Reschio estate on the Umbrian-Tuscan border. The family lived in the stone-built mansion for a decade while working on the preservation and restoration of the building – respecting the features of the ancient building, they’ve created comfortable and modern interiors.

In addition to the castle’s thirty suites, an additional six were built next to the nearby parish church. Each room is decorated with terracotta brick or wooden floors, hand-sewn linen curtains, Italian fabrics, and locally made marble and brass washbasins. In addition, the suits feature Benedikt Bolza’s own furniture brand, BB for Reschio, with items like bespoke beds and lamps. Guests may also enjoy Italian cuisine made from local produce at the restaurant located in the castle’s western bastion.

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