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A walk over a Czech quarry

In the eastern part of the Czech town of Horní Bečva, in the area of the Beskids National Nature Park, is an abandoned quarry hill, surrounded by numerous family houses and holiday homes. The south side is bordered by a partially unstable quarry wall. Thanks to the work of henkai architekti, we can now admire this picturesque, wooded landscape with the help of walking paths and lookout towers.

The primary goal of the project was to provide an easy walking approach to the top of the mountain. To this end, the team of henkai architekti has designed new paths that naturally follow the sloping terrain. Given the current intact condition, efforts have been made to subtly develop and complement the wooded landscape full of rock outcrops. Thus, stone and gravel from the quarry were mainly used to build the footpaths, and the paths are complemented by oak benches.

As a result of the project, the top of the quarry hill can be approached through three new, scenic walking paths that also connect the newly located main lookout tower points and a car park. The milder of the three walkways leads through a grove of freshly planted local tree species that goes into an arboretum. As the walkway reaches the saddle below the rocky top of the mountain, a small lookout platform greets visitors. Its form was inspired by the crumbling foundations of abandoned houses scattered in the Beskids.

The steeper walk follows the ridge of the quarry. In the middle of the path, a metal lattice bridge extends from the quarry wall. The final destination is the highest part of the mountain, where three lookout towers, carefully placed between the rocks of the rugged terrain, complete the wooded environment. The steel-framed and wood-clad buildings invite hikers to stop and relax.

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