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A young couple takes Polish national food to Australia

The success story of Polish pierogi in Australia started from a meeting in London: Dominika Sikorska arrived in the British capital from Poland, Guy Daley arrived from Australia more than ten years ago, and their meeting created not only love, but also an exciting gastronomic enterprise. One day, Dominika introduced her Australian partner to one of the Polish national dishes, the pierogi, and shortly afterwards they decided to take the traditional dish all the way to Melbourne.

Pierogi (plural, means dumplings) is the stuffed dough of the Poles. It’s prepared by placing different fillings in the thinly stretched dough, and the resulting dumplings are cooked—it can be consumed this way, but after the dumplings are cooked, they are often roasted even in a pan. Typically, the dough is filled with cheap but substantial ingredients: traditionally potatoes and cheese, or even cabbage and mushrooms, but also meaty, vegetable and fruity versions are known. Salted pierogi is often served with a little sour cream, fried onions and bacon on the plate.

Dominika and Guy founded Pierogi Pierogi in Melbourne in 2012 because of their love of Polish tradition and pierogi. They do not have their own shop, they appeared for a while only in different gastronomic festivals and markets, but nowadays, we can find the Pierogi packages waiting to be prepared in the freezer of several Australian shopping malls and specialty food stores. The couple created the classic favorites, and they have potato-cheese, mushroom-sauerkraut and beef-vegetable versions. According to them, the secret of good pierogi is the high quality ingredients, so they use homemade cheese, high-quality flour and seasonal vegetables.

Polish graphic designer Bartosz Szymkiewicz was responsible for the packaging design of Pierogi Pierogi. Vivid colors, stylized pierogi motifs and friendly inscriptions make for a particularly exciting and eye-catching product.

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