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Ági Pataki unveils the secret of timeless beauty

Consumption of health-promoting vitamins, minerals and micronutrients is recommended for almost everyone, as even the most careful, health-conscious diet cannot guarantee their absorption. Ági Pataki is convinced that beauty is inseparable from health, without it beauty is impermanent and fragile. This is why our country’s first top model—together with GAL, a developer of dietary supplements—created the TITOK product line, which supports both. It brings conscious consumers closer to timeless beauty. 

Ági Pataki believes it’s crucial that a woman does not only take care of her looks, but her nutrition, as well, because this is how she remains attractive and exciting. This idea was the ground of her cooperation with founder and lead developer of GAL, Bence Gál. 

In our adulthood, a balanced nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a stress-free lifestyle is only accessible for a few, though this harmony is the token of our balance and health. Our face is the mirror of our life, you can tell if someone’s conscious regarding their lifestyle and diet. This means that beauty comes from inside, it’s controllable and timelessly sustainable.

“I never thought that we are defined by our inherited traits. I believe that knowledge and consciousness are just as important as genetics. As I age, I become more and more focused on my nutritional habits, my activity, my overall lifestyle. Keeping our health and beauty is an important task, which is why I wanted to create a product line that proclaims both,” the model pointed out.

TITOK Multivitamins have been formulated using pure natural sources, using the ideal amounts and ratios of vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in nutrient-dense foods. The ingredients list also includes the unique sounding shilajit, a highly valued detoxifying, tonic and rejuvenating agent used for thousands of years in Indian, Tibetan and other ancient medicine.

Besides natural ingredients, it was also important that the boxes of the products come from Hungary’s first green printing house, which is characterized by carbon neutral printing, FSC certified paper stock and the use of vegetable oil-based inks.

A special gift box with porcelain jars will also be available in small quantities at the launch. The TITOK brand’s clean design and packaging was created by Unger and Partners branding agency.

“The aim of Unger and Partners was for the TITOK brand to reflect Ági Pataki’s personality as much as possible: to create a clean, mystical and elegant image. Long discussions preceded the collaboration, so that Zsolt Unger’s team could get to know Ági Pataki’s personality and priorities as well as possible. When choosing the name, it was important to find a mystical and Hungarian name for the brand, and so TITOK (meaning ‘secret’) was chosen. The design concept was based on the style of Ági Pataki, which resulted in this elegant and clean identity and packaging. The limited edition of the line is made up of timeless porcelain jars, which offer an aesthetic experience as well as a storage function. Sustainability was a key consideration in the design and production process,” the agency shared.

“The earlier we start to consciously address the challenges of time, the better results we can achieve. But it’s never too late to start,” Ági Pataki believes.

Source: Press release

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