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Agostino Iacurci adds color to Europe’s cities with these murals

Whether our destination is an Italian village, the capital of Ukraine, or a Western European metropolis, stumbling across Agostino Iacurci’s murals in these places will immediately lift our spirits. The vibrantly colored, gigantic artworks of the Italian artist are popping up in more and more places worldwide. We give you some hints on where to find them!

Agostino Iacurci, an Italian-born artist living in Berlin, is active in painting, sculpture, and drawing but is best known for his murals decorating public spaces and house walls in cities. Each mural towering above us can easily influence the way we perceive space, the mood in which we recall that place, just as it can have a dialogue-starting, community-organizing role. Iacurci’s colorful compositions smuggle a Mediterranean atmosphere and playfulness to the grey urban atmosphere.

One of his most recent works is a mural entitled Cardi, located in the small Italian town of Aielli, which was painted on the wall of the Porta Nuova, one of the ancient city gates of the region. The word cardi means thistle in Hungarian. Iacurci has paired the image of the plant typical of the area with the distinctive colors of the traditional wool blankets of the place, the blue-red color combination.

Cardi (1571-2021), Aielli, Olaszország. Fotók: Domenico d’Alessandro

Iacurci often uses historical or mythological references, which he captures by freely reinterpreting them. During another commission in Italy, he painted wild plants on the walls of a local school (Disegno d’esame), inspired by a drawing by a nine-year-old boy, Piero Morandi. Morandi’s work was discovered by Iacurci in the 1964 publication Arte per nulla.

Disegno D’esame (2021), Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy. Photos: Domenico d’Alessandro, Francesco Marini

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