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Air-purifying advertising column installed in London

Following the successful test of the first Pluvo Column, additional ones would be installed at airports and railway stations, running on renewable energy sources and purifying the city air through a three-stage filter system. 

As a result of the pandemic, the development of urban purifying devices has seen a worldwide surge, resulting in such inventions as the Urban Sun anti-viral public lighting project, the portable air purifier, or the air-sanitizing bus-stop. A less conspicuous element of the cityscape, the ad column developed in a joint effort by Pulvo and Kinetic blends into the urban space and filters out 99% of the air’s harmful substances.

The device was put to test during a six-month-long period in Finchley, north London: the test has proved the three-stage purifying system to be most effective in the busiest areas, cleaning 1 cubic meter of air every second.

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Source: Designweek

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