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Amazing interior, special sourdough technology—new wave bakeries in the region | TOP 5

The rise of the new wave of bakeries is becoming more and more apparent. Beyond the significantly stronger and more unique interior design, quality differences also separate these stores from their traditional counterparts: in a controversial way, they take a more traditional approach to bread, with special sourdough technology. Although we can’t present the taste, the atmosphere can be easily described—so let’s see the unique new wave bakeries in the region!

Chlieb Náš | Slovakia

The unusual design of the interior of the bakery in Trnava can be attributed to the Vallo Sadovsky architectural studio. Minimalist interior design elements were chosen to highlight the beautiful, original Baroque ceiling.

Photos: BoysPlayNice, Chlieb Náš

DEJ | Poland

The DEJ bakery was put together by two craft workshops during the pandemic. Justyna, who was among the first to bake artisan bread in Warsaw, and Ania, the maker of the butteriest croissants. They wanted an unusual yet cozy atmosphere, for which the designer of NOWW Studio, Wojtek Nowak dreamed up the atmosphere of the 90s.

Photos: Maja Bułkowska, Maciek Miloch

Nor/ma Grand | Hungary

The name Nor/ma Grand is derived from the initials of the nordic and magyar (Hungarian) words—the bakery and the specialty café combine the northern, Scandinavian style with the Hungarian traditions. In the spacious, simple space, in addition to fresh baked goods, you can also enjoy soups, salads and open sandwiches, accompanied by natural wines. And the gastronomic experience is completed by the ceramics of the Polish ÅOOMI brand!

Photos: Sándor Csudai

Parémi | Austria

The French bakery, housed in a late Renaissance palace and also serves as a café, is located in Vienna. Isabelle Soulier, the designer of the A2K architectural studio, implemented the concept, the very special part of which was the restroom—the back of the building was originally a stable, so the washbasin used there was rebuilt.

Photos: Isabelle Soulier

Breadway | Ukraine

The color concept is based on the cool shades of pink, blue and gray that emphasize the warm color of the bread,” explained the independent designers of Breadway, Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak. The bakery and café stand out from the world of everyday ideas with their extravagant interior design, colorful palette and unique furniture.

Photos: Mikhail Loskutov

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