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An iconic Hungarian board game comes to life on tees | DAIGE

The trademark of the Hungarian fashion brand DAIGE, founded in 2013, is the reinterpretation of cultural references and refreshing vintage elements. On their latest T-shirt, the visuals of a well-known Hungarian retro board game, Gazdálkodj okosan (Manage it wisely!) come to life, tuned to the brand’s style.

The toy interior of the original, Monopoly-like economics game was modernized with the permission of the rights holder Minerva Kiadó publishing company: the ping-pong table was replaced with a yoga mat, old electronic devices were replaced with new ones, but the cultic furniture items, such as a curved, tubular-framed chair or a modular storage cabinet were kept and decorated with new colors. The goal of this historic board game from the communist period was to collect all of these items, and live in a fully furnished home. The graphic design of the tee also features one of the brand’s most popular prints, which was inspired by gravity maps, in the form of a framed image on the wall.

“Our new pattern is about the value of a home, regardless of eras, and about pondering the past and future,” said Melinda Tóth, the designer.

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