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An unusual mobile kiosk was placed on the Golden Hill in the Czech Republic

Students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University have designed a new information kiosk for one of the emblematic sites of the Giant Mountains, the Golden Hill. Due to its special appearance, the building named Piškot, or sponge cake, is located on the Golden Hill in the summer, but during winters, in the Krkonoše National Park.

Piškot is a minimalist mobile information center that also provides relaxation for students and hikers. The young architects started designing the object in July 2019 during a summer course organized by the Seho-Poláček studio. In the field of architecture at the Czech Technical University, alternatives to traditional education are design-build projects, where students can implement their designs: they learn to apply what they have learned so far and also see the ecological and economic aspects of the projects. They also learn about the properties of the materials used.

Since it is a seasonal building, it is important that it be easy to move. The rigidity and displaceability of the structure are ensured by a steel grate on which the structure is laid. The dimensions of the kiosk also adapt to its mobility, thus it had to be designed so that the building could be easily transported by truck.

The interior of the kiosk is made entirely of foiled concrete and plywood, also following a minimalist style. The interior of the information stand was made at the Higher Vocational School and Secondary Industrial School in Volyně, and they have been cooperating with the institution for decades.

Part of the building is glass, which allows you to see the surrounding landscape from the inside. The other elements are made of larch, which can withstand harsh weather conditions without painting or other maintenance. According to the concept, the wood turns gray over time and melts into its environment.

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Source: Czech Design, Fakulta architektury ČVUT v Praze

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