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Animated short film about the legendary boxer Laci Papp wins award

The Cinemira KIDS International Children’s Film Festival, featuring a wide range of sold-out events, closed with an awards ceremony over the weekend. The Golden Squirrel Award for the Best Short Film for Children from Hungary went to the animation entitled Papp Laci, directed by Ervin B. Nagy.

The Cinemira KIDS International Children’s Film Festival was organized for the fourth time this year as a competitive festival, with prestigious juries of professionals awarding the best films with the Golden Squirrel Award and, as an inevitable part of the event, a Children’s Jury deciding the fate of the festival’s Grand Prize. In addition, a selection of short animated and live-action films for 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12-year-olds was screened every hour, and there was also a great interest for the discussions on filmmaking and acting.

Ervin B. Nagy, Christian Zetterberg, Anna Kuzina

Winners of the 4th Cinemira KIDS International Children’s Film Festival: 

Best Short Film for Children from Hungary: Cserebogarak: Papp Laci / directed by Ervin B. Nagy (Hungary)

Best Animated Short Film for Children: Warm Star / directed by Anna Kuzina (Russia)

Jury’s Special Prize for Best Animation for Children: The Other Way Wolf / directed by Ira Elshansky (Russia)

Best Live Action Short Film for Children: Shower Boys / directed by Christian Zetterberg (Sweden)

Jury’s Special Prize for Best Short Film for Children: Rewind / directed by Hugo Chetelat (Canada)

ECFA Jury Award (The European Children’s Film Association’s Award): The Fox & the Tomten / directed by Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes (Norway)

Best Film Made by Children: A rab gólya; Egyszer talán majd mégis vége lesz / Borbála Bukovszki (Hungary)

Photos: János Posztós, Cinemira Filmfestival

Source: Press Release

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