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Anxiety-free visits to regional dentistries | TOP 5

When we hear the word clinic, we are probably thinking of a monotonous and less modern space, beyond the basic unpleasant associations. Although we cannot expect a completely idyllic atmosphere from a clinic, it still feels good for our soul to arrive in a welcoming waiting room that radiates creativity and freshness. Let’s see!

Medicover Stomatologia | Warsaw, Poland

The interior of the Medicover dental clinic in Warsaw was designed by the architects of Piotrowscy Design with an art deco touch. The starting point was the calm and cozy atmosphere of the cafés—and indeed, it’s like being in a café!

Stamboldžioski Dental Studio | Nova Gorica, Slovenia

A dental facility designed by Enota studio was built instead of a cramped clinic hidden in a dentist’s private house. The unusual building is an annex, but its floor area exceeds that of the house to which it was added.

D.VISION | Prague, Czech Republic

On the ground floor of a 19th-century condominium is the D.VISION dental clinic, in connection with the A1 Architects, where Alexey Klyuykov and Vít Svoboda’s paintings brings cheer to the waiting room.

Dental Clinic | Kharkiv, Ukraine

The next facility was built in Soviet times, which today is a dental office with a training center. Although the building has no historical significance, the Drozdov&Partners architecture office retained its main design features and proportions.

Dental Office | Poznań, Poland

During the project, the primary task of the Wiercinski studio was to separate a work area and a waiting room in a room of ten square meters. An unusual partition wall was the solution, which lets in the light, and also includes the entrance to the work area and the customer service counter.

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Source: ArchDaily

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