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Application and exhibition opportunity: DECODE Award is back

The DECODE Award 2022 invites applications from young architects, visual and applied artists, with the aim of strengthening the links between the co-arts and raising awareness of the importance of works that are built on the concept of a philosophical idea and creating value.

BORD Architectural Studio is launching the award for the 5th time this year, now organized by the DECODE Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and Art. The total prize money is HUF 2.1 million net, and the Grand Prize will be accompanied by a uniquely designed award piece by Fruzsina Zalavári. The award ceremony will be held on 16 November at the Irányi Palace, where an exhibition will be opened based on the jury’s selection of the entries. The awards ceremony and the exhibition will also be hosted in the virtual space.

The deadline for registration is 20 October at 12 noon at decode@bordstudio.hu and the deadline for submitting entries is 24 October at 12 noon, following the upload instructions provided in the registration reply email.

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