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Arches and historical references give the character of this ice cream parlor in Brno

Located in the center of Brno, in an old apartment building on Minoritská Street, this small and simple interior with historical references is a delight for ice cream lovers: the Czech city has a new, cozy ice cream parlor. Here it is!

The interior design of the Ještě Jednu ice cream parlor is characterized by its vaulted ceilings and rather small floorspace, which was also the biggest challenge in designing the different functions such as the kitchen, the freezer, the ice cream bar, and the coffee corner.

Barbora Kudelová, one of the founders of the Holky Rády architecture studio, focused on the spirit of the place when creating the concept design: the arches and curves are echoed in other details of the interior, as well as the Italian roots of the ice cream. For instance, the design and texture of the ice cream bar, the central feature of the space, evokes the history of Rome, and details such as the stainless steel washbasin behind the counter, inspired by Italian street fountains. Another special feature of the space is that the designers have separated the preparation kitchen from the ice cream bar area with a glass wall, giving customers an insight into the ice cream-making process.

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