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Architectural heritage of Ukraine | Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

The magnificent wooden churches are part of the architectural heritage of Ukraine and Poland. Orthodox tserkvas, or churches, which are now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, faithfully preserve the memories of Slavic culture and the Orthodox religion.

The oldest surviving wooden church in the Lviv region of Ukraine is the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, built in 1502 immediately after the Tartar Invasion.

The walls of the church consist of logs placed horizontally. The precision and quality of the construction elevate the building to the highest level of carpentry. The liturgical area with its three-part space was erected on a stone base, but all other parts were made of wood. Due to the effect of the power of nature on the wood material, the wooden elements of the church have been constantly replaced and cared for over the centuries, thanks to which we can still admire this stunning architectural work in a condition that still meets its original splendor.

Source: Ukrainetrek

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