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ASRV introduces world’s first activewear made with NASA-approved technology

Turning its focus to the future of fabric science, technical sportswear brand ASRV incorporated Outlast® into its latest collection, a thermoregulating material developed by NASA to protect astronauts from the extreme conditions in space. The brand’s new activewear collection provides thermal-adaptive benefits in high-performance base layers for athletes.

For ASRV, utility goes hand in hand with wearability. In working with NASA’s Outlast®, the brand continues its quest for futuristic, boundary-pushing textiles—this time, taking cues from space. Outlast® utilizes Thermocules, which proactively absorb, store and convert heat production. When applied to clothing, Outlast® calibrates heat generated from the core to maintain a balanced microclimate during intensive and dynamic performance, proven to reduce sweat production by 48%. Unlike familiar moisture-wicking and heat-regulating technologies, Outlast® is the only textile recognized as a Certified Space Technology™️, and ASRV is the first brand to apply the NASA-approved technology to fitness apparel.

Recent post-apocalyptic fashion trends have largely confirmed that consumers are more attracted than ever to clothes that transition from urban to sporty environments. ASRV’s commitment to developing innovative, performance-enhancing textiles is evolving in line with consumer demand for adaptive clothing, setting a new precedent for the future of activewear.

Source: hypebeast

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