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Atomy Studios educates with unique shapes and use of fabric

A new concept embracing simplicity, keeping the tastefulness of classic designs while offering various styling possibilities—that’s what makes the bags of Atomy Studios so perfect; they fit your everyday casual style, your smart casual and even a boho summer outfit.

The idea of the concept for Atomy Studios and the headquarters for their projects is in Gdańsk, Poland, as the company proclaims the support of domestic products. The brand’s philosophy is based on Lean Manufacturing, which is a value-creating production management method. This method allows for resource-efficient production while ensuring high quality and unique design, yet prioritizing human needs and the environment. Alongside conscious brand building, aesthetics also play a significant role—each Atomy model expresses a heritage of simple beauty: for all the exclusive designs, the overall look is an excitingly classic piece, whether it’s a circle, square or crescent shape with a modern twist. The timelessness of the bags is no coincidence, as the designers draw inspiration from everyday life and architecture, making them perfectly suited to urban and suburban environments.

The aim of the brand is rather creating evergreen collections than living up to the expectations created by fashion, their timelessness roots not only in the ideas, but in their use of fabric, as well. When properly maintained, leather may serve us for years, besides, it’s one of our most ancient clothing fabrics. There’s a bag in all our wardrobes, that was worn by our mothers or grandmothers—in a way, these items are perfect inspiration to the current designs, which won’t be worn out in ten years.

Sustaining the conscious brand requires hard work, which is completely adjusted to the customers’ needs, as every single bag is ordered for sewing when the customer purchases it. In the workshop, Atomy collections are made by people who are each responsible for different activities such as leather cutting, sewing, putting together, preparation, as every item is handmade. Each bag is prepared by talented and hardworking hands before being put on display or purchased.

Based on all this, it’s obvious that the brand seeks to avoid waste production, so every Atomy bag is created as ergonomically as possible. Even the smallest pieces of leather left over from the work processes are reused, for instance, in the form of small components. Production is based on local artisanal products, and they only use the services of regional producers and suppliers in an effort to encourage their customers to make more informed and critical purchasing decisions. Supporting regional creativity is not only an investment in the community, but also builds even greater consumer awareness.

The new Spring collection is a combination of modern geometric shapes and minimalism, which kept the original classic characteristic, but still represents brave shapes. The subtle melancholy of the collection is a response for current events in the world, as reflected in the clean and sensitive photo campaign created by the fashion photography duo Kulesza & Pik. The main inspiration came from the modernism of Gdynia, the second home of Atomy.

Atomy Studios’ Spring/Summer 2022 collection will be available in the iconic Printemps and Harrods department stores.

Photos: Kulesza & Pik

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