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Attila Kertész’ solo exhibition opens in Lavor Collective on Friday

After his many solo exhibitions, Attila Kertész now presents his latest series called Hyper Parallel in a very special place, the LAVOR Collective Art Salon. Through his expressive nudes, he attempts an unusual painted expression of the soul.

Through his paintings, Attila Kertész invites us on a collective therapy that creates the alternatives of our existence through subjective self portraits and images. We face parallel states of mind through his expressive nudes that allow us to glimpse in their invisible layers. This is the anatomy of the soul. By penetrating the physical layers and transcending the invisible, he reveals through his models domains that they themselves do not know exist within them as present realities.

The opening takes place on Friday 17 June at 7 p.m. and is open until 22 June in the LAVOR Collective Art Salon. 

Source: LAVOR Collective

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