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Audi unveiled a new futuristic concept car

Showcased at this year’s Monterey Car Week, Audi’s new shape-shifting wonder is not planned for production, but the concept shows the direction the German car brand could take in the future.

The Skysphere is the first of three new Audi car designs to be unveiled. They wanted to design a vehicle that could offer both a grand touring experience and a sports car feel thanks to its adjustable wheelbase. The electric, self-driving cars interior takes shape in self-driving mode, with the steering wheel and pedals retracting into the dashboard.

Inspired by the 1938 Horch 853 roadster, the Skyspheres interior is elegantly styled with art deco elements. The trim inserts are made of imitation leather and eucalyptus wood, and the seats are covered with sustainably produced microfiber fabric.

Source: Urdesignmag
Photos: Audi

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