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Be it summer or winter, take a dip in this Copenhagen floating pool!

Maritime Architecture studio, teamed up with Fokstrot Studio, has dreamed up a modular open-air bath: a mobile structure called Dyppezone floats on the surface of Copenhagen’s harbors. The advantage of the eight floating units is that the pool has an adjustable bottom, so its depth can be adapted to seasons and needs.

Unlike the permanent bathing zones in the Port of Copenhagen, Dyppezone is a small mobile unit that can be easily moved to any desired location: it can be integrated into existing bathing zones or even attached to events and saunas set up on the quayside. In addition, thanks to its adjustable modules, the structure designed by Maritime Architecture Studio and Fokstrot Studio can be used as a children’s pool in summer and as a cold-water pool in winter. Moreover, it is accessible free of charge to all bathers in Copenhagen who want to swim in comfort and safety in the harbor.

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Source: Dezeen

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