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#believeintomorrow, believe in a sustainable Christmas!

As we get closer to the holidays, Hype&Hyper and Erste Bank have teamed up for another art collaboration, this time encouraging sustainable Christmas preparations. Zita Majoros, the designer of Printa, created an organic cotton toolkit that doesn’t fit the biggest gifts: the shoppers and bags decorated with symbols of sustainability can be filled with well-thought-out surprises, with which we can also support a small or medium-sized business or farmer.

We asked Zita about the details of the collaboration and its link to sustainability.

Since when has sustainability been a priority in your life?

I have been concerned about the fate of the Earth since I was a child: the destruction of our environment is nothing new, it was already an issue in the eighties, and I was deeply affected by it. I developed a sense of awareness and openness to the topic, which later inspired me to pay attention to my environment, even when I founded my brand.

What was your first thought when you came across Erste’s #higgyaholnapban (#believeintomorrow) campaign? How did you approach the topic during the design phase?

I went for organic, almost abstract forms that are close to me, and I combined them with plant motifs. The result also features various eco-symbols inspired by the slogan.

How were the campaign products created and what exactly are they?

I’ve been trying to make my purchases packaging-free for the fourth year running, and I’ve gathered quite a collection of canvas bags and pouches—they’re in continuous rotation. For me, an average shopping trip involves at least one big shopper and several canvas bags, pouches, or boxes. The shopping kit created with Erste is a great starter set for those just beginning this journey and a good addition for the more experienced zero waste shoppers. The canvas bag is hard-wearing and durable, made from a waste, recycled organic cotton and pet bottle combination. The small bags are made from 100% oeko-tex natural cotton, making them biodegradable. And the whole thing is decorated with water-based plastic-free screen printing in the Printa studio.

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