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Bitcoin in your wallet | Ryze

The world is changing at a rapid pace. What was modern not so long ago can be completely general or even outdated today: an innovation can change our daily lives with such speed. For example, who would have thought that Bitcoin would become an integral part of our time? 

From the summer of 2021, we will be able to use the brand new platform of the Ryze—Bitcoin Neobank developed by a Ukranian design team, with the help of which we can become participants in the world of online payment. Here we can easily and simply buy or just sell cryptocurrency. Ryze not only optimizes and signals when it’s worth buying or selling Bitcoin, but it even executes the transaction itself.

The extravagant visual appearance of the app is improving the reputation of Ping Studio. The design team has built the company’s visual identity on a monochrome base, and the app is brought closer to us by a highly informative and engaging landing page where the additional features of Ryze come to life in the form of meaningful 3D graphics.

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Ryze—Bitcoin Neobank | Web

Source: Behance, dribbble

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