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Blending contemporary and iconic elements | Aparterre store

Aparterre’s shop in Bucharest was conceived as a kind of private home where fashion and design lovers can feel at home: among beautiful clothes, special objects, and a variety of colors and textures. 

The feminine touch of the interior, designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio, is given by the powdery pink color, mainly reflected in the velvet walls and curtains. Meanwhile, a cozy atmosphere is created by the use of warm, light oak chevron floor and soft carpets, setting the stage for accent elements.

Key elements include silhouettes of velvet horses, reminiscent of a life-size logo for an exclusive club, but also the accent furniture pieces by Italian design legend Ettore Sottsass

“From long, slim benches to rectangular, massive podiums; from wall cladding to changing screens and standing mirrors, all of the objects convey the innovative and playful curiosity of the Memphis philosophy. Much like the 80’s famous design movement, Aparterre is a place of exploration, a world of textures and shapes designed to create an entire universe, born as a reaction against the status quo of the rigid and overly pretentious approach of most high-end fashion stores,” stated Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio on ArchDaily.. 

Photos: Vlad Patru, Kinga Tomos

Source: ArchDaily

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