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Blue kitchen, yellow bath–eclectic Russian interior

Contrasting colors, warm and cool textures, modern and vintage elements and practical space expanding solutions mix in this Russian interior designed by Unnamed studio.

The Russian-based creative studio’s choice of names is reminiscent of the neutral titles of abstract paintings of the 20th century: neither the name of the design and architecture firm (Unnamed Studio) nor their projects (Flat 1, Flat 2 and others) mention anything specific, leaving the door open to free associations. The newly presented project, called Flat 2, in Rostov-on-Don, is a private apartment of only 46 square meters. 

Because of the small floor space, the biggest challenge was to design the storage systems in a practical and aesthetic way. The most eye-catching element of this is the soft-touch wall storage in the bedroom, made up of cushion-like elements. The modular textile wardrobe is the work of Sarkis Araqelyan, designer of Unnamed studio, and is part of their soon-to-debut furniture collection. The storage unit’s square design and the blue shelving system that emerges from its interior rhyme with the kitchen’s white tiles and blue cabinets. For space optimization, two main zones were distinguished during the design process: the bedroom is separated from the communal space by a sliding door made of frosted glass. The private area is thus separated from the rest of the apartment like a white box. The communal space is a single, transparent, elongated space for relaxing, cooking and entertaining. The other doors are painted in the same color as the wall, which gives the space a more spacious feel.

The color palette of the interior is based on primary colors: blue, yellow, red, black and white dominate the furnishings, complemented by the greenness of the plants. The bright blue kitchen is reminiscent of the color and design of the first built-in Frankfurt kitchen of the 1920s, which was given the then unusual color blue for practical reasons, to keep bugs away. The bathroom, on the other hand, is in sunny yellow.

While we tend to prefer warm tones in kitchens, we usually go for cool colors in bathrooms. Unnamed Studio lifts us out of this.

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