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Bogdanova Bureau hopes that they could return to their Kyiv office

After a long home office period, the team of Bogdanova Bureau could use their Kyiv office for only 6 months before Russia invaded Ukraine. They told the story of the office with photos taken before the war, hoping that they could return someday.

The studio office building was built in 1914, combining modern and neoclassical architecture. Its owners, Ukrainian art collectors Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko, used it as a gallery, before it was nationalized and subjected to heavy bombing—and restored as a condominium.

The office windows overlook the iconic red building of the Shevchenko University, which is one of the sights of the city that remained intact for over 100 years.

When I first entered this space, my heart stopped. I was astounded—the view from the windows was incredible. It is a real pleasure to gaze at the sunset at the end of the working day in the walls of my favourite office with a team of like-minded people,” says Olga Bogdanova

The color palette of the workspace is based on neutral greys, with large travertine and steel tables designed by the studio as focal points for meetings and team lunches. Marcel Breuer chairs and self-designed armchairs surround them, but the space also features works by Ukrainian artists and designers such as Nazar Bilik or Smith & Winken.

Photos: Yevhenii Avramenko

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