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These places will make you climb the walls! | TOP 5

Bouldering is becoming more and more popular, which is no wonder: it is an instant flow experience, as it is not only relaxing but also fills you up with new energies. It requires considerable concentration, so time passes differently in climbing rooms. It improves endurance and is recommended for back problems—the list of benefits is long, but we took a quick look into our favorite regional halls. Let’s see!

Gravity Boulder Bar | Budapest, Hungary

The largest boulder room in Hungary is suitable for 240 people and has a useful surface of 1,300 square meters for those who want to do exercise—in addition to the climbing arena, there is also a ninja room and a sauna.

Photos: Gravity Boulder Bar

Lezecká Stena K2 | Bratislava, Slovakia

The K2, which boasts the biggest climbing wall in Slovakia, awaits climbers who like difficult lines and, of course, beginners. In addition, they also operate a café and a shop among others, so you can even buy climbing equipment there.

Lezecké centrum SmíchOFF | Prague, Czech Republic

Birthday parties and camps are also held among the climbing walls of SmíchOFF, as well as numerous competitions. It is a special pleasure that the bar offers a wide variety of food and drink.

Plezalni center Ljubljana | Ljubljana, Slovenia

One of the special features of the Plezalni center Ljubljana is that anyone can access educational material through their website, which allows us to understand the tricks of the sport from the ground up.

Murall Gdańsk | Gdańsk, Poland

Apart from the city of Gdańsk, there are two more Murall climbing rooms in Warsaw. Children are also invited to take part in various activities, including yoga classes in summer camps and physical education classes during school hours.

Gravity Boulder Bar | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Lezecká Stena K2 | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Lezecké centrum SmíchOFF | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Plezalni center Ljubljana | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Murall Gdańsk | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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