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Budapest100 is coming up in September

The events to be held under the motto of Redesign had to be rescheduled by the Budapest100 team: the 11th edition of the event will take place from 11-12 September instead of May.

Forty buildings will be included in this year’s list of houses to visit, focusing on buildings constructed between 1921-1930 and 1945-1957. Following the First World War and the events of 1956, there was plenty to rebuild in the capital: the stories of these buildings will be told at this year’s event.

The Budapest100, which was originally designed to showcase 100-year-old houses, has been organized in a thematic format since 2015, as hardly any houses were built during the First World War, so the selection would have been too limited. However, the aim remains the same: to portray the buildings and their communities from basement to attic. The programs, organized by volunteers and local patriots, are always free of charge.

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