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Buda’s gastro court opens its doors | Hello Buda Fresh Market

Buda’s newest gastronomic and adventure center, the Hello Buda Fresh Market, welcomes its visitors all day long on Törökvész Road, with premium service providers, themed weekend markets, and laid back programs.

The founders and owners of Hello Buda have combined their professional knowledge and experience in a collaboration with Pasarét Bistro, Zing, and Street Food Caravan Budapest, to create this new gastro court.

Visitors may choose from premium quality services and street foods seven days a week: The Fishmonger, a seafood and fish bistro, Wafu, bringing the  Japanese spirit to the table, Cloud9, the new ice cream heaven, the renowned Három Tarka Macska bakery from Újlipótváros, or DELI 4U forming its own special unit, are all among the wide range of choices here.

The premium services of the Hello Buda Fresh Market are made even more complete by the themed weekend markets. On Saturdays, the gastro yard, with the support of FINOM PLACC (TASTY TURF), gives home to a variety of county farmers, who await their visitors with an extensive selection of quality products. Every second Friday afternoon, DIVAT PLACC (TRENDY TURF) plays the main role, where people can put their hands on the works of Hungarian craftsmen within the framework of a fashion- and design-themed community market. Once a month, in cooperation with the EB OVO Public Benefit Association, dog-themed community-building events and fairs await those interested as part of the EB OVO PLACC (EB OVO TURF). In addition to these markets, children’s programs, a garden cinema, rooftop yoga, and during the winter season, a skating rink, and a Christmas market await the visitors.

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