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Cabin on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea

The cabin project dubbed Project Ö is located on a small Finnish island. This cozy retreat complex promises absolute relaxation and a perfect getaway.

Kimitoön is a large island near the southwestern shore of Finland, surrounded by dozens of smaller islands. One of these islands gives home to the recently completed cozy cabins entitled Project Ö (Ö means island in Swedish). The complex comprises of several cabins designed by Aleksi Hautamäki, the founder of creative studio BOND.

The cabins’ design pays homage to the traditional aesthetic of the Finnish archipelago: they are fitted with a cabled roof, long eaves, extended gutters and vertical cladding. The shape of the cabins is long and narrow, which allows for large window surfaces with varying views. When creating the plans, the primary goal was to have all necessary functions on as little space as possible: all individual spaces have been designed to be as compact as they can without compromising the functionality and comfort. The two buildings are just 70 square meters in total, yet they can sleep ten adults comfortably if needed.

The island is completely self-sufficient: it uses solar power for energy and filtered sea water for drinking. The houses are also equipped with all necessities, including floor heating and even saunas.

Photos: Marc Goodwin

Source: Archdaily

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