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Chill & slow festival in the mountains of Transylvania | Wonderest

Wonderest, held in the heart of the mountains of Transylvania at an altitude of 1100 meters, is a chill & slow festival based on zero-waste philosophy. There is no phone signal and wifi, but in return, there’s a breathtaking view, a lineup filled with indie-folk and experimental musicians, sunrise concerts and an unforgettable community experience in the great outdoors.

This tight-knit event offers the experience of slowing down and breaking away from the daily struggles of urban life. “We want people to find their way back to the present,” said Hanna Gulyás, the festival’s initiator, about the mission of Wonderest. The event grew out of Hanna’s Budapest project, Garden Wonder, which started in 2017: this is a series of intimate concerts, where the address of the secret venue is sent to the audience only after the purchase of tickets.

The musicians performing at the second Wonderest festival, scheduled for July this year, will arrive in Transylvania from Australia, Poland and Hungary, among others. To name just a few examples, Lucas Laufen, the Immortal Onion, Runforrest, Follow the Violin, Falmi, O’Sullivan, the Hinterstate and Ben Leavez will guarantee special sounds and a soul-warming atmosphere. In addition to a focus on musical events, yoga classes, hikes, workshops, urban zero-waste themed panel discussions and an evening campfire will add color to the lineup.

The main theme of the festival is environmental awareness. Hanna’s goal is to minimize the event’s ecological footprint, so in collaboration with the Plant a Tree initiative, Planet Friend tickets will also be available this year, meaning that they’ll plant a tree in the name of each buyer. The Plant a Tree project started out with “Plant a Tree” cocktails available in Budapest’s rooftop bars, and later, they got involved in more and more diverse projects. Together with Wonderest, they are now offering a new, green festival experience.

“The trees under which we sit at the festival have been growing for many, many years. Think about the value we give to future generations by planting something now that they can later enjoy!” Hanna said. “Those who plant trees believe in the future,” added Dorka Mesterházy from Plant a Tree.

In addition to tree planting, their eco-friendly operation is also supported by a system of solar shower cabins and a festival kitchen that cooks with locally sourced ingredients. And in terms of meals, organizers ask everyone to bring their own tableware so that no unnecessary waste is generated.

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