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Cinnamon scent, snowflake macrame and minimalist manger scene—Christmas atmosphere in a box

As many as we are, we are getting in the mood for the holidays in so many different ways. Some just simply can’t wait and some, at the last minute, are just finishing the top decoration for the Christmas tree—this diversity is also reflected in the gifts. In our Christmas product recommendation, we tried to come up with solutions that stand out as a decoration as well as a surprise under the tree.

Printa | Christmas home collection

True to the brand, natural textiles and handcrafted decorations play a key role in Printa’s Christmas collection, so we can make the wait much more sustainable.

Ententyky | Aesthetic and natural candles

An essential accessory for the Advent period is candlelight, which allows the whole room to float in Christmas glamor in under seconds. The natural candles and wooden accessories of the Czech Ententyky not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but are also stylish accessories for the apartment all year round.

Peter Ličko | The birth of the minimalist Jesus

We could admire graphic designer, Peter Ličko’s Christmas graphic design last year, but now, he rethought the biblical scenes: a classic story in a modern design.

Anna Daubner | Sparkling Christmas Eve

Anna Daubner’s latest Happy Hour collection can work in both the Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve bustle. The unique, glossy material makes the design so solemn, so it harmonizes perfectly with the sparkler as well as the champagne.

Other story | Second-hand antique treasures

Of course, it’s not just new things that can find new owners under the tree, but old objects can write new stories too. The Other story is one of the most high-quality online antique stores, drawing attention beyond the aesthetics to the limitless values of vintage accessories. The vintage style basically carries the charm of the holidays, but there are a number of Christmas specialties in the Advent compilation of the site.

Chez Dodo | Christmas flavors enclosed in a fairytale forest

The delightful festive boxes of Chez Dodo represent a heartwarming and spicy flavor. If we’re tired of the Christmas menu, but would still keep the mood, it’s the perfect choice.

Körvonal | Home is where the begjli is.

Love, family, friends, home—perhaps this is the elemental essence of the holiday, the key to which is communication and an intimate relationship. The Körvonal card games help to create this state of trust, as the essence of the games is deep conversations. It’s really fun at family celebrations, even with the little ones!

Raduga Grëz | Magical world made of wood

No matter how much we love Christmas, the real festive “miracle thrill” is what kids experience the most. The ethical, handcrafted wooden toys of the Russian Raduga Grëz offer creative fun for the little ones, and lavish decor elements for the older ones.

Sandra Brecka: tenden | Gift hand in hand with packaging—this time sustainably

Every year, the question may arise that while we give presents sustainably, we produce a lot of garbage with wrapping paper. Several alternative methods have become widespread in recent years, but for those who still want to keep the sophistication of “new wrapping paper,” graphic designer, Sandra Brecka’s colorful rolls may prove to be an obvious choice. They are made from recycled paper, which is processed in the Czech Republic with the best quality possible in the spirit of the love of nature.

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